Thread Replacement Kit

Thread Replacement Kit


Ships in 3 to 5 days. This kit is for service providers. Replace threads in the rail with solid stainless steel inserts with this custom hydraulic tool.


Carry case.

17/64 Drill bit to drill out existing threads.

Hand-operated hydraulic tool that produces the required 2500 lbs of force.

Two interchangeable steel dies to fit different parts of the rail.

50 inserts (enough for 5 boards)

Spare o-rings for the hydraulic cylinder.

Anti-seize thread lubricant (for stainless steel screws)

Required tools: Power Drill


Drill out all the threads with the included 17/64 drill bit. Use a drill press for best results.

Insert the the stainless inserts from the inside of the rail. Put the head of the tool inside the rail and ensure the die is centered on the insert. Turn the knob clockwise to close the relief valve. Operate the hand lever until the insert is flush with the surface and the required force is noticeably higher.

Turn the knob counter-clockwise to release.

Use the large diameter die on everything except the threads on the bottom front of the rail.

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