Bearing Protection V2

Bearing Protection V2


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Seals around the shaft and holds in a protective layer of grease. Grease is included.

Prevents water damage to your motor caused by water leaking between the shaft and the bearing.

Prolongs the life of your bearings by keeping them lubricated from the outside as well as the inside, and providing an extra layer of protection from water intrusion and rust.

SKF brand grease seals are designed to fit the 35mm shaft of the Plus and XR.

Once installed, you can check the grease levels and add more if needed without taking anything apart. Simply snap off the custom grease seal holders and snap them back on when finished (last video in the instructions demonstrates how).

Tools required: 1/8” hex key, 1/4” hex key, 5mm hex key.

Requires removing your motor completely the same as for a tire change, plus also removing the axle blocks using a 5mm hex key.

Instructions here:

Note: The grease seals add a tiny amount of friction which will reduce your range by around 0.5%, similar to what your headlights use.

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