Badger Handle

Badger Handle

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The ultimate handle for Onewheel

Compatible with any fender with stock size attachment, such as Flight Fender (not compatible with Craft and Ride)

Unique Features:

1400 lb test Kevlar fiber cord, Carbon Fiber internal skeleton, TPU and Stainless Steel Spring Construction. Hooks to the inside of the rail.

100% Flush with the rail, does not interfere with your ride at all and doesn't get damaged by falls.

Auto-retract system keeps the handle securely in place on top of the rail, and Kevlar cords extend when in use.

Hex Grip: the most comfortable handle available by far, won't dig into your hands like strap-based handles.

No tools required to install. Works with or without sidekicks and other rail guards.

At just 2.5 oz, one of the lightest handles available.

100% Satisfaction guaranteed, if you don't love it, I take it back.

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