How much disassembly is required?

Completely remove your footpads, bumpers, and float plates. You can then either remove your controller or your wheel. If you remove the wheel, you don’t have to break any of the warranty stickers, and it’s the perfect chance to do a tire change while you’re waiting for silicone to cure. Removing the controller requires breaking the stickers over the screws only. You can leave the battery module in place. No disassembly of the controller or battery module is required (keep those warranty stickers intact!).

How long does it take?

About 2-3 hours in total. About an hour of that time is just waiting for silicone to harden up between different steps.

How much prep?

Clean surfaces provide a more secure seal. You decide how risky you want to be but the kit includes alcohol, shop wipes, and a detail brush to get everything cleaned up.

Warranty void?

You don’t need to damage any of those scary warranty stickers to use the kit, but there are still two ways to “void your warranty” using the badger kit (or any other product).

  1. Damage something. Anything you break would not be covered by warranty although, of course, your warranty on everything else is unaffected. The Badger kit doesn’t require you to break anything so it doesn’t void the warranty if you use it correctly.

  2. Prevent Future Motion from working on the board. If they can’t open the components or disassemble the board, then they can’t figure out what the issue is, and might charge you for replacement parts and any extra labor required. The Badger kit uses a soft silicone that has been verified to not prevent disassembly of the board or the components, so it shouldn’t void the warranty if you follow the instructions. If you apply an excessive amount of silicone, it will require a little more work to disassemble it and you might have to pay an extra labor charge. Use the thinnest coating you can, and only add more if you are having trouble getting a seal.

What about venting?

The controller and battery module already have dedicated gore-tex vents for this purpose. They do not need leaky connectors and screws for venting. The kit includes 2 replacement vents.

How badly can I screw up?

You could damage a cable and the repair would not be covered under warranty. Here are some other possible screw-ups and what to do:

  1. Covering one of the connector pins with silicone. This happened to the Badger himself at Float Life Fest and resulted in the footpad not registering. It’s easy to fix because silicone just peels/scrapes right off. We just plugged/unplugged the footpad a few times and it worked fine. You can also use the included q-tip and alcohol to clean any pins.

  2. Putting too much silicone around the connector ports on the controller, so that you can’t plug in the connectors. Worst case, you scrape out all the silicone with a screwdriver and do it again. More likely, you use the knife to trim it back a little.

  3. Breaking the locking tabs on the controller connectors trying to take them off. Not likely to happen if you follow the instructional video and don’t force it. If it does happen, don’t worry, those suckers are held in there pretty tight once you put everything back together.

  4. Losing the vents: you have to take off your vents if you want to use the Sniffer tool to verify your seals. You can usually save the vents and re-use them, but 2 spares are included in the kit. If you lose them or somehow screw them up, you will have to contact me and wait for new vents. Don’t lose them.

When am I ready to ride?

24 hours for the silicone to cure. You could ride in dry conditions before then, but with all the vibration, there’s possibly a risk of the silicone losing adhesion. You decide how much risk is acceptable.

Is there a warranty or guarantee?

No. The kit includes the Sniffer tool that allows you to verify for yourself how well sealed your components are. You are ultimately responsible for doing a careful job and verifying the results. Obviously, a very tiny leak might take a long time to detect using the Sniffer tool. You decide how long you want to hold the thing in place waiting for it to inflate until you are satisfied. You are paying for the kit and the best knowledge that I have for how to waterproof a board. How you use it is 100% your decision and your liability.