First Things

You will create a nasty mess if you aren’t careful. The silicone sticks very aggressively to metal. If you don’t fully cover everything with grease, you will lose an evening scraping and cleaning silicone off. It’s not hard, you just need to be thorough and don’t rush. Each bearing takes a day to cure. Just follow these instructions for the other side once the first is finished. I usually do one after my daily ride, then do the other one after my ride the following day so it doesn’t have to disrupt your routine.

How it works:

You coat everything with grease and then pour in some flowable silicone. The silicone seals in and protects the grease. The grease prevents the silicone from permanently sticking to anything, so you can easily remove it if needed. Your bearings will be kept clean and lubricated from both sides, ensuring the longest life possible for the seals.